Wildfire threat takes over housing in western states

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Wildfire Headquarters Wildfire Season is Not Over; APCIA Says Western States Should Stay Prepared While wildfire activity has been below average across the United States, except in Alaska, portions of California, Oregon and Washington need to stay on alert as the potential for large fire activity remains above average.

 · Wildfire threat takes over housing in western states More than 1.2 million properties remain at risk. the Southern Rockies and the South Central portion of the U.S. contain the most properties.

Over the last several decades, the western united states has become a region of widespread, high-intensity wildfires. Since the 1970s, the Western U.S. has experienced three times the amount of "large fires" (fires that burn 1,000 acres or more) that are now burning on average more than 1.7 million acres of land per year- six times the.

As wildfires choke California and other Western states. $20 billion over eight years to allow the Forest Service and other federal agencies to end a practice of raiding non-fire-related accounts to.

Wildfire Risk and fuels management large, severe, wildland fires are major threats to property, lives, and ecosystem integrity. These wildfires increase the likelihood of adverse impacts at both local and landscape level, including flooding, erosion, reduced water quality, loss of key wildlife habitat, and other ecological and economic values.

referred to the wildland-urban interface, or WUI-the fire-related challenges of managing wildlands are on the increase (Hammer and others 2009, NASF 2009). The number of wildfires exceeding 50,000 acres has increased over the past 30 years, with most of that change occurring over the past 10 years (NASF 2009); many of these large wildfires are

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The Trump administration wants to clear 11,000 miles of fire fuel breaks across public lands in six Western states as a way to control giant wildfires. But wildfire experts are mixed on the viability of the plan, the government’s own scientific agency calls it a "grand experiment," and environment groups are strongly opposed.