Which celebrity owned the top home in 2015?

The home is owned by the actor Bob and is situated in Palm Springs, California. The design of the home is fascinating as it looks like a mushroom. There are many facilities in this home such as 6 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, swimming pool, hot tub and a. Celebrity Cruises is a cruise line which was founded in 1988 by the Greece- based Chandris Group.

July 23, 2015. owned the property approached trump about attaching his name – and hopefully turning things around. "We valued the name of Trump," said Jorge Diaz, an owner of the property, Architecture The 31 Best Celebrity Homes of All Time.

37 Celebrity Homes That Will Blow Your Mind (PHOTOS) By Leigh Blickley. Celebrities, they’re just like us. except they live in homes that are twice (or ten times!) the size of ours. From Malibu beach houses to New York City penthouses, stars own some of the most beautiful pads in the world.

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Top 40 luxury celebrity homes Posted by. as we take you on a tour of the most luxurious celebrity homes on the hollywood block.. kate moss rented this stunning Malibu mansion once owned by.

Celebrity homes: 10 of the most luxurious houses of the rich and famous. highlights: glass walls, 13 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms are not the most defining elements of the Bahamian-inspired mansion. The massive water park fits into our imagination of what a celebrity house should look like. requiring 500,000 gallons of water,

However, what we don’t realize is that all this celebrity has to do most days is show up, sit in a chair and have everybody else do the work on their outward appearance for them. They’re surrounded by the best stylists, make-up artists and assistants and generally aren’t used to doing very much themselves.

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You can browse through some of the most expensive celebrity homes which are in the market for sale. 1. Billy Joel’s Sagaponack Village Home. Billy Joel, the famous singer has listed his home in Sagaponack village but hasn’t found a buyer as yet despite scaling down the price. He had first listed the house in Hamptons for $22.5 million.

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