Tech snafu, improper foreclosure affidavit lead to sanctions for LPS

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Some borrowers may walk away scot free. In other instances, banks may be forced to dramatically reduce what a borrower owes. Many foreclosures have already been halted by the courts or by the banks themselves. Still, bank officials say, even if they are missing the original promissory note, they have the paperwork to prove they own the mortgages.

How can a letter dated Jan 26 "forcing" partners to vote on a due date of Friday Jan 28 2011 (yes thats right Jan.26th (mailed and dated)for a vote due no later than the 28th) turns out to have an overwhelming voter response of YES votes when I only received my letter on the 31 of January.

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How Much Does it Cost to Fix up a House? FRAUD, NOT MISTAKES AND ERRORS, HAVE PERMEATED THE FORECLOSURE PROCESS IN AMERICA When judges begin ordering the accounting and financial books and records of the.

Together we will make a difference to help put a stop to foreclosures. Please email ANY & ALL the more the better. You can remain anonymous by deleting your private information and or using a free.

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems (MERS) and Lender Processing Services (LPS) will be joining eight mortgage servicers as the subjects of "examinations" by federal regulatory agencies.

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