MBA submits brief as Supreme Court takes up disparate impact

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Teal, the Supreme Court holds that an employer is liable for racial discrimination when any part of its selection process, such as an unvalidated examination or test, has a disparate impact even if the final result of the hiring process is racially balanced. In effect, the Court rejects the "bottom line defense" and makes clear that the fair.

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The U.S. Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral argument tomorrow, January 21st, in Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v.The Inclusive Communities Project, Inc., the case presenting the issue whether disparate-impact claims are cognizable under the fair housing act. Ballard Spahr attorneys have written an amicus brief submitted by the Houston Housing Authority (HHA).

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In this case, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that plaintiffs may bring a disparate impact claim under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). Smith and a group of other police department employees-all older than age 40-sued the city and police department of Jackson, Miss., alleging that the department’s salary plan had a disparate.

Supreme Court Allows Age Discrimination Claims Based on Disparate Impact. The result is that the ADEA’s protection against the adverse effects of an employer’s action because of age is narrower in scope. If reasonable factors other than age account for the disparate impact, the action will not be found unlawful.

The proposal incorporates many of the suggestions MBA submitted during the earlier ANPR phase of this rulemaking. HUD’s proposed rule describes five requirements a plaintiff must satisfy to initiate a Disparate Impact claim under the FHA. It also lays out how a defendant can defend against such a claim.

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Home No Clear Guidance with Supreme Court s Disparate Impact Decision.. and the lawyer who crafted the amicus brief on this case to which NAA and several other organizations put their names, put it this way in his recent article on the decision.. NAA/NMHC Urge Members to Take Action and.