FHA bailout pushes federal deficit to $22B

Help for Struggling Home Owners from FHA and Homeowner Bailout Plan. There’s also more help for unemployed home owners. As many as four million homeowners could get help from these expanded programs by 2012, with the federal government funding the program for up to $50 billion through the Troubled Asset Relief Program or TARP.

According to the May 2013 Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates, Federal spending is expected to increase from 2013’s $3,450 billion to 2023’s $5,850 billion. This spending is expected to spawn.

Oh, and that $22 billion will go directly against the deficit, and Congress can’t do anything about it, as it’s structured as an entitlement. What they can do is take money out of Obama’s other programs to cover the gap, and that’s exactly what they should do – while explaining very loudly why it’s necessary, and why we need to end this "quasi-bailout" of the university system forthwith.

The $21.8 billion revision-larger than the annual budget for NASA, or the Interior Department and EPA combined-will be tacked onto the federal deficit. The 40 million americans with student loans are now saddled with more than $1.2 trillion in outstanding debt.

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44 Responses to "The Coming FHA Bailout – $360 Billion in loans insured in 2009. 30 percent of home purchases 20 percent of Refinances and 50 percent of new buyers go through FHA Loans."

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The tap into taxpayer bailout funds has significantly shrunk from the negative $13.5 billion projected in the actuarial report last fall. Nonetheless, many members of the committee are concerned about the long-term health of FHA and the difficult choices that lay ahead for the agency, particularly the deficit.

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The bailout of the FHA is making its way here during the holiday season. As we’ve reported many times the FHA insured loan program was essentially a back door program of getting people into homes with ridiculously low down payments. FHA defaults were soaring to record levels as herd mentality buyers were entering markets to compete with flippers, foreign money, and Wall Street investors.

Federal Housing Administration: Fannie and Freddie would be in even worse shape if it wasn’t for the Federal Housing Administration, said Daryl Montgomery, a trader and the organizer of the.

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