Congress debates potential Janet Yellen nomination

Former Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen sent an indirect warning to two potential Trump central. concern about Mr Cain’s nomination. Ms Yellen reiterated that the Fed, while it works to.

 · WASHINGTON – Federal Reserve chair janet yellen told congress on Wednesday that the central bank expects to keep raising a key interest rate at a.

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday confirmed Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell as the next head of the central bank, succeeding Janet Yellen, a move likely to provide continuity in U.S. monetary.

The U.S. Senate on Tuesday confirmed Federal Reserve Governor Jerome Powell as the next head of the central bank, succeeding Janet Yellen, a move likely to provide continuity in U.S. monetary.

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 · The fix is in. Janet Yellen, the Vice Chair of the Board of Governors of the federal reserve system, has landed the Big Kahuna. President Obama has nominated her to head the entire federal reserve banking system – shaky inverted pyramid of credit and all. Many a word has been written on the presumptive Fed chair, but perhaps I can add some insight into this otherwise.

LONDON (AP) – The expected nomination of Janet Yellen to be the next chairman of the. Obama is expected to make the nomination official later Wednesday. Yellen will have to face Congressional.

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump told reporters Monday that the. to a question about a potential rate hike by the Federal Reserve this month.. "So far, I think she's done a political job," he said about fed chair janet yellen.. tucker carlson: serial liars In Congress, Pundits Who Pushed.

Conservative groups that led the charge during the October fiscal fights plan to sit out the high-profile confirmation debate over Janet L. Yellen to chair. we probably won’t be involved in the.

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Partly offsetting some of the market pressure, the Wall Street Journal has broken the news that President Obama is ready to formally nominate Janet Yellen as the next Fed Chair. The President will hold an event at the White House at 3pm USET today to formally announce the Fed Chair nomination, according to a White House statement.

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