CFPB fines mortgage lender $250K for claiming government affiliation in ads

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CFPB fines three reverse mortgage lenders over deceptive advertising False Claims Act claims another one: IBERIABANK fined $11.7 million for FHA lending violations Trey Garrison was a Senior.

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In an annual presentation to Congress last November, Commissioner Brian Montgomery said the agency will not be reducing mortgage insurance premiums any time soon.CFPB fines mortgage lender $250K for claiming government affiliation in ads – The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau took action against rmk financial corporation for deceptive.

CFPB Hits RMK/Majestic With $250k Fine for Abusing VA and FHA Branding. The MAP Rule prohibits misleading claims in mortgage advertising, including implying a government affiliation. Under the terms of today’s consent order, RMK will be prohibited from falsely implying a government affiliation in future advertisements. It will also pay a civil penalty of $250,000.

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CFPB Takes Action Against Mortgage Relief Company Deceptively Using VA & FHA Logos On Ads. to the government, the CFPB alleges that RMK’s ads featured incorrect information about loans.

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Collectively, the bureau ordered the three reverse mortgage lenders to pay a. Laws prohibit misleading claims in mortgage advertising and. Under the terms of today's consent order, the company cannot imply affiliation with the government, CFPB fines mortgage lender $250K for claiming government.

Housing Wire – "CFPB fines mortgage lender $250K for claiming government affiliation in ads" (4-9-15) "The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau took action against RMK Financial Corporation for deceptive mortgage advertising practices, including ads that led consumers to believe that the company was affiliated with the U.S. government."